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The Scorecard Killer: the Randy Kraft Story Brian Lee Tucker

The Scorecard Killer: the Randy Kraft Story

Brian Lee Tucker

Kindle Edition
109 pages
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 About the Book 

‘Randy was one of the kindest men I ever knew. If he had something and someone needed it, hed give it to them. So far as I know, he didnt have any special hobby, unless it was helping other people. He made me feel like I was somebody, and the biggest majority of men seemed to want to make me feel so much lower than them, and all they wanted was to take me to bed. In five months, Randy and I never really had sex. He was a true gentleman.’ said a former girlfriend of Randy Kraft who was very lucky to have gotten out of it alive.On the outside Randy Kraft was a normal fellow, a successful computer programmer and part time bartender operating in sunny Southern California. On the inside Kraft was a lethal sexual sadist that may have committed at least as many as fifty or sixty murders.His victims were all male, mostly homosexuals, who Kraft would torture and mutilate, sometimes while his victim was still alive. Apparently Kraft had a great deal of problems coming to grips with his own homosexuality, to say the least.What was the driving force behind his killings? Author Brian Lee Tucker, once again, delves into the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of the story, using information from documented interviews, taped confessions, newspaper coverage, magazine articles, and court transcripts, provides an in depth, behind the scenes look into the life and mind of ‘the Scorecard Killer,’ a man so cruel, sadistic, and remorseless, that upon his arrest, investigators discovered a coded list depicting cryptic references to his victims, ‘scoring them’ on their sexual performance before killing them.