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Rachel Sarais Vineyard Deborah Rey

Rachel Sarais Vineyard

Deborah Rey

Published September 19th 2009
ISBN : 9780955543098
310 pages
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 About the Book 

When, during the Second World War, five-year-old Rachel Sarai must take over her father’s work in the Dutch Resistance, she distributes messages, smuggles people to safety during nightly curfew hours, lies, steals, and confronts the Gestapo.One child, two wars: Rachel must also survive the sick hatred, and mental, and physical abuse of the woman supposedly her mother. She does, thanks to the unadulterated love of Marie, a Jewish violinist in hiding,‘Rachel Sarai’s Vineyard’ relates the life of a ‘baby courier’ during WWII. It tells of fear and lost morals, child abuse, of the death of the child within, and the cruel annihilation of her roots.ON AMAZON.COM SEARCH UNDER/ DEBORAH REY, NOT TITLE OF THE BOOK!on Amazon.co.uk search under DEBORAH REY (in stock)on Amazon.fr search under DEBORAH REY (in stock)on the Book Depository search under DEBORAH REY (in stock)