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The Mate Wait Lisa M Williams

The Mate Wait

Lisa M Williams

Published February 4th 2014
ISBN : 9781628541410
176 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

If good things come to those who wait, then extraordinary things should come to the Woods siblings and their friends, for as long as theyve all been waiting for mates. Zonovia Woods is smart, funny, beautiful, and a fantastic friend. As the director of her family-owned and operated nonprofit organization, shes the heroine in her sunny, Southern California community and the epitome of the proverbial virtuous woman. Despite her credit, this modern-day-Ruth has yet to be claimed by some equally eligible man of God. Her older brothers, Zuriel and Zachariah Woods, are identical twins, but their lives couldnt be more different. Zuriels happily married for years with 2.5 children. Zachariah has happily parted with the 25th woman hes dated just this month! Why dont the lives of these twin brothers mirror their identical reflections, granting Zachariah an existence thats similar to Zuriels, rather than one thats mateless, like Zonovias? Unfortunately, Zachariah and Zonovia arent the only two hoping for mates. One mutual friend is anxiously searching for the one, while another friend has settled for the one right now. Even some of their seasoned, elder comrades, whove been patiently waiting for years, are starting to become weary in well doing. Whats taking so long? Is it God manipulating all the pieces in this seemingly spiritual game of relationship chess? Or, is it the players, themselves, whose choices prolong or propel the battle of acquiring the best mate? Find out in The Mate Wait.