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Complete Poems in English Milton John Milton

Complete Poems in English Milton

John Milton

Published 1937
459 pages
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 About the Book 

So this book has all of Miltons poetry annotated and compiled into one volume, but Im mostly interested in Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, both of which I read as an undergrad and was astonished to discover I loved. Studying literature and Bible side by side opened my eyes to how many of our ideas and images from the Bible do not originate in the scriptures, but in the pages of classical literature, specifically the works of Dante and Milton. Virtually every stereotypical image of angels and demons we conjure in our minds and on paper, canvas, etc. comes directly from Paradise Lost. That Milton could conjure up such vivid imagery as a man who was completely blind and dictated the lines of his epic poems to a scribe is beyond me, but there it is. Dont be intimidated...Paradise lost and Paradise Regained are not just some of the greatest epic poetry of all time, theyre both exciting and fascinating stories to be savored and enjoyed.