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The Eyes of Communication Douglas Polakowski

The Eyes of Communication

Douglas Polakowski

Published January 8th 2013
Kindle Edition
76 pages
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 About the Book 

Have you ever wanted to know when someone is lying?What if you knew the feelings others are hiding?The shocking answer is you can do it as easily as reading this book!In this book “The Eyes of Communication,” Douglas Polakowski a leading body language expert says “you can get answers and solutions from indicators on any BODY you can see.”As an expert trainer, mentor, and self published author with more than 30 years of combined customer service experience, studying words and actions of people, has shown in real world experience that paying attention to what others do and say has saved him many times! In many varied situations from gun point on the streets of Chicago to family discussions to business meetings with board members of large companies and everyone in between!During those varied experiences, people’s normal replies with strange looks caused him to ask a simple question, “Why did you do that?” When that question enters your mind how do you get the answers you seek? The information packed pages of “The Eyes of Communication” show clearly how to start with the indicators in their eyes! Then ask good questions to get more information from the source!“After reading “The Eyes of Communication,” I watched an alleged criminal on TV. The Eyes told another story than what the words were! I also noticed the same thing happen in political debates. Amazing how the eyes gave them both away! I now have evidence of what others just felt wasn’t right and don’t know why. I know why for the first time and I can tell them! Thanks for the new light on an old situation.” (SB Wis.)Body language accounts for 57% of communication!Only 7% of communication is the spoken word!36% is the Tone or inflection added to those words!Would you agree the greatest potential for improvement is in the 57% area?If you are like me and want to make a great improvement in your understanding of others, aim for the largest area. The best way to begin to understand body language is to begin with the basics. Have you heard it said that “The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul?” This book will show you just how true that is! The simple and amazing experience shared will clearly show you how to know what story the eyes tell around the world! You might just “know” what they were thinking! How cool would that be if others asked you “How did you know that? I didn’t tell you anything about that!”Come and discover for yourself how you can gain a better understanding of what others are trying to tell you or NOT – it’s as easy as looking at a clock!